Course Background and Purpose

This course builds on previous design courses undertaken from first year through third year in the Computer and Electronic Engineering Programmes. The purpose of is to allow the student to consolidate knowledge gained from previous design courses and integrate this with the additional academic grounding gained in other applied theory courses that have been completed, to complete a reasonably challenging design problem in the field of computer and electronic engineering.


A student will pass this module when he/she has achieved the outcomes required from this course (see below) in addition to attaining a mark of greater than 50% for the course. The component composition of the final mark is addressed below. Good professional documentation of the design process is also a strong focal point of this course.


The outcomes will be achieved by forming design groups consisting of computer and electronic engineering students and presenting each group with an open-ended problem that will require independent research, multidisciplinary collaboration and innovative and creative suggestions for solution of the problem. The student will be expected to make formal written and oral presentations and demonstrate a high level of technical ability by designing, constructing and testing the final solution to the design problem. A complete report entailing budgeting and cost analysis for the project is also expected.