Show educators how to easily and effectively teach online with technology. This is a short course aimed at helping educators quickly transition to teaching in online spaces. For a more comprehensive course, that shows educators how to teach in a blended learning way (bringing these principles into the classroom) check out the ACT Blended Learning course.


This short course (takes approx. 4-5 hours) provides an overview of the 5 ACT pedagogies and briefly explains what each of these pedagogies is, as well as exposing you to what is possible when teaching in an active pedagogy manner.

This short course is designed around what I refer to as the Educators’ Emergency VAX Treatment. The VAX Treatment approach we will cover in this course consists of the following:

  • Step 0 - Before you VAX​
  • Step 1 - Virtual-friendly content creation
  • Step 2 - Activate your content by using digital-age pedagogies
  • Step 3 - eXperience ACTive Teaching
  • How To Guides

How to Join.

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College of Agriculture, Engineering and Science

  • School of Engineering - ACTUKZNsoe1
  • School of Agricultural, Earth and Environmental Sciences - ACTUKZNaees1
  • School of Chemistry and Physics - ACTUKZNcp1
  • School of Life Sciences - ACTUKZNls1
  • School Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science - ACTUKZNmsc1


College of Health Sciences

  • School of Clinical Medicine - ACTUKZNcm1
  • School of Laboratory Medicine & Medical Sciences - ACTUKZNlmm1
  • School of Health Sciences - ACTUKZNhs1
  • School of Nursing & Public Health - ACTUKZNnph1


College of Humanities

  • School of Religion, Philosophy and Classics - ACTUKZNrpc1
  • School of Arts - ACTUKZNsoa1
  • School of Social Sciences - ACTUKZNss1
  • School of Applied Human Sciences - ACTUKZNahs1
  • School of Built Environment and Development Studies - ACTUKZNbed1
  • School of Education - ACTUKZNse1


College of Law and Management Studies

  • Graduate School of Business and Leadership - ACTUKZNgsb1
  • School of Accounting, Economics and Finance - ACTUKZNaef1
  • School of Law - ACTUKZNsol1
  • School of Management, IT and Governance - ACTUKZNmig1


  • If your school is not listed above please use code - ACTUKZNoth1